Good Boys, the R-rated middle school romp produced by proven collaborators Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, teases the welcomed vulgarity to come in its new trailer.

Above, catch a two-minute glimpse at The Office writer Gene Stupnitsky's directorial debut, which hits theaters Aug. 16. The film sees Jacob Tremblay, Brady Noon, and Keith L. Williams as a group of friends taking on the perils of sixth grade with a helpful penchant for partying.

Speaking on their own middle school experiences with the Den of Geek! team in May, Stupnitsky expressed a super relatable mutual feeling of contempt for the experience. 

"Yeah, middle school was not sentimental, it was horrible," he said. "I think it's everyone’s toughest years." Speaking further on how a great deal of comedy arises from abject awkwardness, a fact of which he knows quite a bit given his writing history, Stupnitsky said he and the team behind the SXSW critical hit found plenty of common ground from which to pull inspiration.

For a little red band action from earlier this year, Rogen included, see below.

Previous Rogen x Goldberg production entries include projects across film and television like Future Man, Preacher, Blockers, and more.