Ridley Scott will return to the Alien movie franchise to direct an upcoming prequel film. 

The legendary director recently spoke with Variety to revisit the movie franchise he helped bring to life. During the interview, Scott revealed that he plans to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the original Alien film by directing another prequel film. According to Variety, the movie is still in "the script phase." 

In 1979, Scott's original Alien released to much acclaim. It pulled in over $104 million worldwide en route to becoming the sixth-highest grossing film of the year. The movie also helped jumpstart the career of actress Sigourney Weaver who plays the film's heroine. Despite the success, Scott decided to step away from the franchise even though it was poised for sequels. Yet, in 2003 he returned to the franchise to help put together Alien: The Director's Cut. He then went on to direct two prequels for the series, Prometheus (2012) and 2017's Alien: Covenant. Like the original Alien, these prequels were major box-office successes that helped boost the franchise. And the upcoming, yet to be titled film is expected to hold the same weight as its counterparts. 

In addition to touching on the pending project, Scott also recounted the feelings he had while working on 1979 original. 

"They sent me a script and I read it. I loved it," the English director explained. "I was in Hollywood within 32 hours."

In other news, a New Jersey high school recently put on a play of the 1979 movie.