UPDATE 6/3/19: As reported by The Huffington Post over the weekend, the lazily aggregated source that started all this nonsense was apparently not even real. In a firmly worded statement, a Keanu rep confirmed the duping:

This interview did not happen. This was pieced together from several interviews and the majority of these questions were not asked nor answered. They are fabricated.

See original article below, though that's certainly not recommended.

Keanu Reeves, like many greats of cinema, is a self-described "lonely guy." Same.

That's what everyone has chosen to take away from a recent Q&A with the John Wick: Parabellum star, who is said to have spoken with The Jakarta Post at a related presser about stuff and things. Boldly, the resulting article is quite revealingly titled "Keanu Reeves Says He Is a Lonely Guy" and it does indeed contain one instance of Keanu Reeves saying he is a lonely guy.

At some point during the discussion, Reeves was—for reasons not entirely clear—asked to define what the innocuous word "love" means to him. He defiantly refused to answer, choosing instead to leap through the nearest window, landing injury-free on a motorcycle and cruising off into the sunset blasting METZ.

Just kidding. Here's his answer:

"You mean romantic love? You know, I'm the lonely guy. I don't have anyone in my life. But if it does occur, I would respect and love the other person; hopefully it'll happen for me."

Asked further on matters of solitude, a state we all should explore more, Reeves said he doesn't concern himself with it.

"I'm an actor, so in terms of what you're asking about, I have no answer," he said. Reeves also chatted succinctly about The Matrix legacy, his passion for motorcycles and more. This is where you can read that.

The Wickverse, meanwhile, is presently busy stacking up some seriously sequels-inspiring profits at the box office. As it stands at the time of this writing, Parabellum—the top award winner at this year's Golden Trailer awards—is at just under $111 million in the U.S.