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2007's Live Free or Die Hard, the fourth entry in the Bruce Willis-led action series, might not be the most beloved installment in the franchise, but it still performed well enough to spawn another sequel in 2013. Willis is known for his cool and collected portrayal of the everyman action hero John McClane, although his co-star Justin Long revealed in a recent interview with PeopleTV's Couch Surfing, that he managed to break through that reserved attitude with a prank involving oatmeal.

Before filming a particular stunt, Willis told Long that he might want to take some Dramamine due to the speed at which their car was going to be swung around. Dismissive, Long decided to use the opportunity to prank Willis, who seemed to be taking great joy in telling Long how unprepared he was. Between takes, Long asked the crew to get him a cup of oatmeal so that he could pretend to throw up after they pulled off the stunt.

"We finished the take and the camera guys kept rolling because they knew I was going to do a bit,” explained Long. "Bruce goes ‘How you feeling kid, huh? I told you you should’ve taken that." Long managed to take a swig of the oatmeal without Willis looking, and when asked how he was doing, he shook his head and dribbled all down himself. "I've never seen John McClane panic, because he doesn't panic in the movies, but he fucking panicked," he added.

The visual of the story gets even better from there, as Long said Willis rolled down the windows and started to yell, "We got to get out, we got to get out!"