John Mayer suggested that the Kardashian-Jenners are behind the rumors that he and Kourtney Kardashian are a couple.

The singer appeared on Andy Cohen’s show Radio Andy on Monday and completely disproved the story. “I gotta be honest with you. Little suspicious about the origin of the story,” Mayer said. “Not sure the call's not coming from inside the house on this one.” 

Mayer explained the potential motivation for spreading the gossip: “I will say, if the call is coming from inside the house, it's diabolical and genius. Because when people start gossiping about you and someone else, and they put your picture together, it gets real suggestive. You're like, ‘Well, if I do [date her], then everything falls into place, because they're already putting us together.’”

“So it's a genius idea,” Mayer continued, “I just think I'm post-celebrity relationship, probably, in my life.”

Mayer shared that he objected to a portion of the story, saying, “The only part that made me upset to any degree was that somebody said when I saw Kourtney, that I said, ‘It was sweet serendipity running into you.’ Which I would never say...because that's hyper-corny.”

While he said he’s a fan of Kris Jenner, he also allowed that he wouldn’t mind steering clear of her. “I don't want to be noticed by Kris Kardashian too much. I want a nice, base level of respect, and I don't want to be too far on her radar. It's hard to explain. She could end me.”

According to People, Mayer and Kourtney have long been reported to have a flirtatious relationship, even though they both claim they’re just friends. Perhaps the gossip mill got wind of a romance between the two in late April, when Kourtney appeared on The Ellen Show and couldn’t decide between Mayer and Leonardo DiCaprio during a game of “Who’d You Rather?” Mayer looked to be the winner until DiCaprio became a contender. “Can we say both?” Kourtney said, laughing.