HBO has been sharing a number of compelling and lengthy behind-the-scenes segments following each episode of Game of Thrones Season 8, and their latest dives in deep with some of the most impressive filmmaking the series has seen so far. "The Bells," just like pretty much every other episode this season, was action-packed, making for an interesting behind-the-scenes look that fans of the show should check out immediately.

*Season 8 Episode 5 spoilers below*

A lot of work went into creating the sets for the latest Game of Thrones, specifically when it came to King's Landing. Usually, the show filmed scenes in the fictional city in the Croatian town of Dubrovnik, but considering they wanted a dragon to burn it all down, it's not surprising they opted to build a set in Belfast instead. "There’s no such thing as a set you can just walk onto and shoot when you’re planning on destroying it," director Miguel Sapochnik explained. "There was so much thought that went into every single section, because it had so many requirements."

However, with the change in filming location came a number of difficulties for the cast and crew. Sapochnik said that Lord Varys' death scene was one of the first scenes shot for the episode, but they had to come back to it later as the rain kept ruining takes. "It was the only times I've been on Thrones where it got shut down because it was torrential rain," he added. In total, it took seven months for actor Conleth Hill to shoot his dramatic death scene.

Check out the behind-the-scenes look above.