Variety has learned that a TV series based on the 1993 film The Sandlot is being developed by Disney+. The show will take place in 1984, and follow the children of the movie’s original characters.

Back in February, The Sandlot director and co-writer David Mickey Evans appeared on The Rain Delay podcast where he teased the possibility of a sequel to the cult classic film coming to the small screen. Without delving too deep into specifics Evans stated that "he has sold a pitch for a television series sequel to the original movie that will bring all the original cast members back." At the time, he only said that the show was sold to a streaming service, but wouldn’t reveal which one.

The Sandlot tells the story of a group of friends bound together by their collective admiration for baseball. During the summer of 1962, the kids are playing the sport they love while also being tormented by a menacing English mastiff that lives just beyond the wall of the sandlot known as "The Beast."

The announcement of the TV series sequel comes coincidentally a few days after The Sandlot celebrated its 26-year anniversary from the day the film was released in theaters.