Ben Schwartz is on anthropomorphic hedgehog duty in his latest.

Sonic The Hedgehog, a Paramount film of course based on the beloved Sega franchise of the same name, is out in November and also stars Jim Carrey, James Marsden, and Tika Sumpter. In the meantime, catch the newly released trailer up top.

Prior to the inaugural trailer drop, fans got a glimpse at Carrey's take on villain Dr. Robotnik:

When we first got a look at the cinematic interpretation of the film's titular character back in December, some fans expressed early frustrations at his generally jacked appearance.

"Pure fun, pure fun," Carrey recently told Collider of what drew him to the Sonic world. "That's how I operate these days. If it's something I think that I can explore a new side of myself or I can actually kinda go back and hit that really absurd energy that people really love, the Ace Venturas and those types of characters, so it was an opportunity to do that again."

Carrey was also asked about his paintings, some of which are shared via his Twitter account alongside timely messages about the current state of the world. "I get as much out of it as everyone else . . . When the world is coming apart, you turn it into art," he said. "I go right to the studio and start creating something. It's my only defense against it."