Say what you will about Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update" under hosts Michael Che and Colin Jost, just be aware that if you do speak freely about the quality of SNL's news spoof, you might hear from the cast members themselves.

Che unloaded on Uproxx's Steven Hyden after he wrote that there's nothing particularly notable about Jost's run behind the weekly series' news desk. Che, in a roundabout "some people say" way beloved by his real counterparts behind anchor desks at Fox News, accused Hyden of having sex with dogs in since-deleted posts to his Instagram Stories.

The crass pushback came after Hyden pointed out that Jost was a mediocre "Weekend Update" host, who garners no love even among people who consider themselves fans of the long-running comedy show.

Hyden is being a good sport about the whole thing, as he laughed off the accusation that he repeatedly had sex with dogs.