The undead army unleashed its highly anticipated attack on Winterfell in Season 8 Episode 3 of Game of Thrones Sunday night, and as far as the spectacle of the lengthy battle goes, it did not disappoint. Some fans complained the lighting was far too dark, but mostly the clash was celebrated for the bloodbath and elaborate set-pieces. Thankfully, HBO has offered an extended look into how the battle all came together.

*Spoilers ahead*

It's already been revealed that it took the production team 55 nights to film the battle, and the newly released mini-doc shows what went into the sequence that saw the Night King finally meet his demise. The doc features interviews with the cast, including Maisie Williams, as well as everyone behind the camera. Most interestingly, it also shows how much of the production took place on sets, as opposed to green screens.

The elaborate work that went into the episode clearly paid off, and for fans of the show the extensive look is a must-see. Williams, who had more than a few stand-out moments in the episode, spoke with Entertainment Weekly about what her character Arya Stark pulled off. As the person to dispatch the Night King, Williams revealed that it was "unbelievably exciting" when she found out she would be the one to do it.