When Kate Beckinsale and her boyfriend Pete Davison were seen making out at a Rangers game last week, as they were sitting alongside Queer Eye's Antoni, the Internet went into meme-overdrive. 

The Fab Five member was staring off into the distance as Beckinsale and Davidson shared affections, and given Antoni's pensive, yet unintentional expression of worry, it provided perfect meme material. 

As social media users began speculating the context of the outing the three were sharing, Antoni implicitly chimed in on the conversation by posting a photo of himself and the SNL comedian that screams, 'me and Pete are actually friends.' Knowing that people would likely assume the photo was meant to disprove that their Rangers excursion was uncomfortable, Antoni captioned the photo, "Random pic of me and my frahnd no reason at all totes random love u Petey xo."

However, the memes kept on coming, which prompted Beckinsale to weigh in on one particularly problematic depiction posted by @dietbroke_. 

One of the laughs was centered around the classic meme format of the woman picking the bad guy, despite having the option of choosing the respectable suitor. Kate took to the comments section to point out that the 'good guy' in this scenario is openly gay. "Antoni is gay, if that helps clarify at all #queereye," she wrote on Instagram.

Regardless of the meme drama, Davidson and Beckinsale seem to be going strong. According to a source close to E! explained that Beckinsale is elated with her new fling. "Kate likes dating younger guys and having fun with it. She's very youthful and young at heart so it works for her," they explained. "It's easy and less pressure dating someone young who isn't looking for a serious commitment."