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Jennifer Lawrence and Adele hit up a gay bar in New York City on Friday night, and the crowd went wild for them.

The pair went to the Greenwich Village bar Pieces and did their part in providing entertainment for their fellow patrons by jumping on the stage and participating in a drinking contest that Lawrence won.

Videos and photos of Lawrence and Adele at the bar popped up all over social media. In one video, you can hear someone say to Lawrence, “Jennifer, this isn’t the Hunger Games,” as she teases Adele for losing to “musical shots."

In another video, the drag queen hosting the show asked Adele if she’s single or taken, to which Adele responds, “I’m married.” The host then asks if she’s still “ready to mingle” and have a good time that night: “Fuckin’ obviously."

The host also asked Adele what she does for a living. "Actually at the moment, I'm a stay-at-home mum,” she responded, according to TMZ. Her last album, 25, dropped back in 2015.

The outlet reports that Adele didn’t take her L in the drinking contest very well, jokingly telling Lawrence, “You’re fucking engaged. You're not even relevant to be here!”

Lawrence is engaged to art dealer Cooke Maroney. She's slated to appear in X-Men: Dark Phoenix, which hits theaters on June 7. Her next movie Bad Blood, where she will play the role of Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes, has just been announced.