Comedian Pete Davidson kicked an annoying heckler out of his show after the audience member made a joke about the death of Mac Miller

According to Page Six, things got a little hectic at Davidson's show in South Orange, New Jersey. Known for his dark humor, Pete began to set up a joke about the death of his friend. But before he could get tot he punchline a heckler took it upon himself to steer the audience in the opposite direction. 

"So a funny thing happened to me recently in my apartment... my friend died of a heart attack," Davidson began followed by a voice from the crowd shouting "Mac Miller!"

This did not sit well with Davidson. Per Page Six's sources, the comedian stopped his routine and vowed not to return until the yeller was identified.

"I’m serious. I’m going to leave [the stage]. So if you want to hear the rest of the show, you’ll point out to security who yelled so they can escort him out," Davidson explained. "If not, I’m going to leave right now. I’m not going to have any of that shit happening at my show."

After the audience fingered the heckler, Davidson asked security to remove him after he got a refund for his tickets. 

"And give him back his money. I don’t want his money," Davidson said. 

Not only was this distasteful to Mac Miller—who died from a heart attack caused by an accidental overdose—it was also insensitive to Davidson's former fiancé Ariana Grande. As known, prior to dating Davidson, Grande was in a lengthy relationship with the rapper. Since his passing, she has expressed immense grief over losing her friend. 

Outside of this hiccup, there are reports that the rest of the show went smoothly. It even included that the "heart attack" joke was merely Davidson thinking his passed out friend was dead.