In HBO's latest promotional video for their upcoming 2019 releases, the network included unseen footage from some of the most anticipated series and movies, including Game of Thrones and Deadwood. 

The highlight reel starts with a birdseye shot from atop the wall in Game of Thrones, which separates the living from the dead. As the roster of upcoming projects is revealed, one of Daenerys' dragons is seen flying above marching soldiers and Arya Stark, who is seeing the mythical creature for the first time, donning a reaction of both surprise and excitement. The clip ends with the iconic shot from the last season in which the fallen Dragon, who now a part of the Night King's army, successfully topples the wall that has protected the Seven Kingdoms from external threats for centuries. 

In addition to the brief Game of Thrones sneak peek, the network has also included clips from the upcoming film DeadwoodBased on the revered show which was canceled after its third season in 2006, creator David Milch has returned to release a full-length continuation rather than a fourth season. The film, like the show, is set in a lawless town in the wild west after the conclusion of the Civil War. The two-hour movie will fictionally begin ten years after the show's conclusion. Many of the show's original cast members are set to return for the film, including Ian McShane, Timothy Olyphant, Molly Parker, and Brad Dourif. 

HBO also included some other fan favorites in the lineup, like Big Little Lies, the political comedy Veep, and more. Game of Thrones will return for the final season on April 14.