Alec Baldwin's (admittedly overrated) impression of that creepy comb-over guy who hangs out in the White House sometimes hit SNL again this weekend. Predictably, the appearance was later met with a few public sentences from the idiotic subject himself, featuring multiple instances of bizarre capitalization decisions and general childlike whining.

However, tucked into this latest display of petulant assholery was a statement many have pointed out as another example of Trump's continued attacks on basic American ideals like, say, the freedom to openly mock a sitting president without fear of the president then senselessly painting you as some sort of "enemy of the people" to his presumably dumb-as-shit followers:

As Baldwin quickly noted, using words like "retribution" in this context is troubling. Specifically, Baldwin wondered, would this wording qualify as a threat to his family's safety?

Trump previously called for SNL to be "tested in courts" because it couldn't possibly "be legal." As is par for the course when this man speaks, none of that makes a damn bit of sense.

The latest chapter in Trumpism revolves around the deeply failed steak salesman's usage of a national emergency as a bullying tactic for his inane wall infatuation.