Dave Chappelle said he was threatened by R. Kelly's goons after his infamous "Piss On You" parody aired. 

Chappelle was on stage at the West Hollywood Improv along with Donnell Rawlings (b.k.a. Ashy Larry), who goaded a possibly drunk Chappelle into sharing the story of how he was intimidated by Kelly's crew. 

For those who might not remember, Chappelle transformed himself into Kelly for a track lampooning the fact that Kelly was on trial for filming himself urinating on a minor. He took a snatch of melody from "Feelin' On Yo Booty" and turned it into an indelible hook about Kelly's very public misdeeds. (He also returned later in the episode for a brief flip of Kelly's megahit "Ignition" on the same subject.) It struck a nerve with the public and Kelly definitely noticed.   

"When that sketch came out we was in Chicago at a Common show and his goons bust in my room," he said. "I didn't know if it was his goons, but they sure did like him."

The video cuts out there, before jumping back in to Chappelle's story. At this point in the retelling, it sounds like Chappelle is talking to Kelly himself, diffusing the situation with his quick wit. 

"How you gonna do a video of me peeing on people like that?" he quoted Kelly as saying. "I said 'How you gonna do a video of peeing on people like that?'"

Kelly has come under increased scrutiny after years of allegations were neatly arranged in the record-breaking Lifetime docuseries Surviving R. Kelly. Since it aired, a long list of entertainers have spoken out against the singer. The aforementioned Common noted specifically the ways that he had let Kelly's accusers down by looking the other way for decades. 

"I'm guilty of that too myself because I didn't stop and be like, 'Yo,' and speak against this," Common said. "R. Kelly's from my hometown. At the end of the day, he's a human being. He has his issues and we see that, but I can't condone that and I shouldn't be allowing that to happen."