Millennials have been blamed for ruining everything from the restaurant industry to marriage. In a world where everything we want costs money, there are few pleasures we can find that don’t vie for our paychecks. We can’t afford to go to concerts as often as we’d like, restaurants are pricey, and there’s only so many times we can pay $7 for a latte and sit in a coffee shop. We need something else, and that’s where movies and TV come in.

Unfortunately, actually going to the movies costs an exorbitant amount of money. But thankfully, streaming services have stepped up to the plate to offer a breadth of movie and TV options that range from nostalgic classics to current hits to completely original programming. Since we ruined the restaurant industry and will be eating dinner at home, subscription services are a pocket-friendly way to unwind and enjoy. 

Cable packages are expensive and tend to come with other things we don’t need, like a landline phone number and a ton of channels we aren’t interested in. Why not pay for exactly what we want to watch, without all the extras? With subscriptions starting as low as $5 a month—and a lot of them offering free trials so you can see what they’re about. From Netflix to Sling, check out these cable alternatives.