Boots Riley made a huge splash last year with his directorial debut, Sorry to Bother You, and he's already signed on for a new project. A new report from The Wrap confirmed that Annapurna made a "blind script deal" with Boots Riley for his next project.

While there's no word on when to expect his next film or if he'll be serving as director as well as writer, it's certainly exciting news for Sorry to Bother You fans. Annapurna Pictures served as the distributor on Sorry to Bother You and have continued to receive praise for green-lighting more daring projects. 

Recently, the writer-director and rapper addressed Sorry to Bother You's complete lack of Oscar nominations. "There are tons of ppl [sic] making statements this morning about what Sorry to Bother You not getting nominated says about the Academy and the film industry that I think are misconceptions that may affect what kinds of movies filmmakers think are possible to get made," he wrote on Twitter.

"The largest factor as to why we didn’t get nominated is that we didn’t actually run a campaign that aimed to get a nomination for Screenplay or Song," he continued. "We didn’t buy For Your Consideration ads in the trade magazines and we didn’t service the whole academy with screeners [...] Not doing that made it a self-fulfilling prophecy that we wouldn’t get nominated. So I had no actual belief that we would get nominated."