Based on one of increasingly prolific producer Seth Rogen's "favorite comics of all time," The Boys is set for an Amazon Prime drop later this year. Now we have a proper teaser for the Karl Urban-starring series that months ago gave us one hell of a mantra:

"I'm proud to have helped bring The Boys to life," Rogen, who was first reported way back in 2016 as being in development on the series with Evan Goldberg and Eric Kripke, said

If you're not familiar with Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson's original comic series, Amazon's Boys will take place in a world arguably closer to reality in which superheroes are prone to leaning into their celebrity status. The group at the center of the story, nicknamed The Boys, set out to right this by taking down fame-obsessed superheroes. "It's the powerless against the super powerful," the official synopsis promises.

During a Comic-Con panel back in October, Kripke—a longtime fan of the Boys comics himself—detailed the steps he took to stay true to the source material.

"I probably emailed [Garth Ennis] a couple times every week," he told the crowd. "I got to have dinner with him and say, like, 'Ok, so what's really important to you? What's the thing that you cannot have me fuck up?' And he said Butcher [played by Karl Urban] and Hughie [Jack Quaid]. He said 'You cannot fuck those guys up . . . Their relationship, who they are, like, those guys are really, really important to me.'"

Though a specific release date hasn't been announced, look for the series to hit Amazon this summer.