LeBron James is pumped about Jordan Peele's upcoming horror flick Us—and understandably so.

The Lakers star responded to a GQ tweet that read: "Jordan Peele's Next Movie Will Give You Nightmares." James 100 percent agreed:

Peele caught wind of James' message, and thanked him for the support. He then jokingly teased a Nike ad in which the NBA All-Star goes head-to-head with his malevolent clone. 

After enduring months of teasers and growing anticipation, audiences received the film's first official trailer on Christmas Day. The preview opens with the Wilson family heading to a beach-side vacation in Northern California, where they enjoy some fun in the sun along with friends. But the family's trip takes a terrifying turn when they're confronted by violent, and insanely creepy doppelgängers.

There's a lot to unpack within the two-minute, 30-second trailer, so much so that fans have dissected each scene to support their wild plot theories. Some predict the monsters are the actual protagonists, others believe the doppelgängers are science experiments gone wrong, and many are convinced that these reincarnations are souls that escaped from the Sunken Place referenced in Peele's previous horror film Get Out

It's anyone's guess at this point. But what we can tell you is that people are stoked. Us stars Lupita Nyong'o, Winston Duke, and Elisabeth Moss. The film will hit the big screen Marc 15, 2019. 

See you in line, LeBron.