WoodRocket is at it again.

The studio behind projects like Game of Bones, Fornut, and Ten Inch Mutant Ninja Turtles, is back with another porn parody that is sure to please all those horny gamers. The visual is titled Red Dead Erection, a spoof on the Western-themed video game Red Dead Redemption 2.

Here's a brief synopsis provided by the WoodRocket team:

When Arthur Organ and the rest of his cowboy outlaw gang get chased out of Blackwater, they learn that once you go Blackwater, you can never go backwater. So they hit the unpaved road and go on an epic Western sex-venture filled with sperm bank robberies, saloon shootouts, leading to the law chasing them down, two in the Pinkerton and one in the stinkerton. Also there will be Cowgirl and reverse Cowgirl. Obviously.

The parody stars April O'Neil, Daisy Ducati, Leya Falcon, Codey Steele, Lance Hart, and more. Lee Roy Myers directed and wrote RDE alongside Vuko. 

"As soon as I got my hands on RDR2 I knew we had to make it into a porn parody," Myers told Complex. "The game is amazing! And it has zero hardcore penetration in it. So imagine how amazing it would be with hardcore penetration in it. You don't have to imagine. We made that version. I am so f**king proud to have made Red Dead Erection with WoodRocket and Pornhub. I think fans of the Red Dead Redemption series are really going to dig this parody. And the hardcore penetration."

If you're of legal age, you can watch the parody for free starting Wednesday on WoodRocket.com or Pornhub. And for those who are still paying for porn in 2018, there's an extended version available exclusively on Pornhub Premium.