For decades, Nickelodeon has been an outlet kids could rely on for entertainment by their peers. As each generation of viewers grew up so did the network’s stars, with notable names like Kenan Thompson, Emma Roberts, and Ariana Grande graduating to Hollywood stardom. But it’s not easy making the transition from getting slimed to primetime. Daniella Perkins, star of Nickelodeon’s hit comedy series Knight Squad, is squarely positioned to make that leap next.

At 18 years old, the bubbly entertainer is 10 steps ahead of the pack thanks to a massive following first drawn to her via viral videos on (now known as TikTok) and YouTube. If personality is social currency, then Perkins is richer than the princess she plays on TV. She’s energetic, charismatic, and not afraid of leaning into her silly side, making her hard not to watch.

“It’s very apparent times are changing… YouTubers are now actors and actors are now doing YouTube. Hey, Will Smith,” Perkins says with a laugh. “I’m a really silly person and I hope that shows in my vlogs. I just embrace my weirdness and hope that it makes someone smile or not scared to be themselves.”