If you voted for Trump, you're almost certainly a dumbass the likes of which this world has rarely seen. If you're still supporting him now, two years into his fecal matter of a presidential run, then you've graduated to an even higher grade of dumbassery. To put this theory to the test, Jimmy Kimmel—the most refreshingly anti-Trump of the late night Jimmy delegation—spent a portion of Tuesday night's show asking random Los Angeles area pedestrians about a Trump plan that doesn't even exist. Tragically, this sampling of pedestrians included a few Trumpees.

"While the turmoil was being tilled in the East Wing, Trump was up bright and early in the West Wing waging a Twitter war on France," Kimmel explained when introducing the clip. "Trump lashed out at the French today mocking their performance in World Wars I and II, and really, who better to mock a country's war record than the guy who dodged the draft because of bone spurs while playing on the basketball team?"

After a brief mocking of Trump's attempt at blaming the Secret Service for his absence at a WWI memorial, Kimmel continued: "Trump is really mad at French president Emmanuel Macron," he said. "They did not have a good visit, so we decided that we would have some fun with that."

And by "have some fun with that," Kimmel meant telling those aforementioned pedestrians that Trump planned to give the Statue of Liberty back to France. I won't spoil the resulting clip for you here, but I do strongly advise that you pay close attention starting at the 1:40 mark so you can catch the relatable background reaction to the very first interviewee saying they voted for Trump.