Sacha Baron Cohen was kind enough to bring his old friend Borat out of hiding on Tuesday night's Jimmy Kimmel Live. The occasion? Midterm elections, squidbrains.

Borat, perhaps best known for his emotionally layered appearance in the 2006 film Borat! Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, was asked to hit up a "wealthy neighborhood" in the Los Angeles County area to go door to door spewing inane garbage sentences about Trumpism and related human shortcomings. There's no need in spoiling the video by writing any more about it, so just watch the Borat x Kimmel clip up top.

Back at Kimmel HQ, Cohen dove back into the wildly enjoyably waters of Who Is America, his brilliant Showtime series in which he lampooned Republican dumbassery with great skill. 

"That was Jason Spencer, he's a wonderful human being," Cohen joked when asking about that infamous segment in which Spencer, a now-former Georgia state lawmaker, engaged in abject idiocy. "That amazing thing, Jimmy, was that he actually didn't resign for 48 hours. So he had not only chased me with his bare buttocks trying to turn me, I was pretending to be an Islamic terrorist and I had convinced him that if he touched me with his buttocks he would turn me into a homosexual. So he was screaming at me going 'USA!' but he had also screamed the N-word four times, he had taken a photo up a woman in a burqa and he had bitten the end of a phallus off a terrorist, well, a fake phallus. But he still refused to resign for 48 hours, which I actually quite respect."

Cohen and Kimmel also talked about O.J. Simpson's appearance on the Showtime hit, which I sincerely hope runs for decades to come.