Ideally, we'd have Jerry Seinfeld as the full-time Tonight Show host, bringing comedians and cars and coffee and whatnot to the Rockefeller Center on a regular basis. Then, at least, there'd be a tad less confusion regarding which Jimmy was which.

For now, we'll have to make do with this. Under the guise of something called "Thanksgiving," Seinfeld briefly took over the usual host's monologue duties Thursday night. This resulted in Seinfeld having a moment to deliver jokes about the hardness of SpongeBob's nipples, the prevalence of clowns, and "tiny turkeys." Experience the full thing via the video up top.

Seinfeld later joined this particular late night Jimmy for a couch session. "Everyone loves Thanksgiving, but let's remember it's an absolute horror," Seinfeld said at the top of the discussion in acknowledgement of the history behind this purported holiday. "The warmth and the horror of this day . . . Like life itself, warm and wonderful, underneath: horror and tragedy."

From there, the holiday usage of the phrase "travel safe" was dissected to the point of near-science. The two also discussed family, marriage-informed stand-up bits, and denim. "You reach an age where it's just bad," Seinfeld explained. "It's bad. You look bad . . . If you saw me in really cool jeans, you would think 'What an idiot!' But if I'm wearing lame jeans, there's no answer to this." You can watch the full video of this exchange above.

Disappointingly, @Seinfeld2000 hasn't yet weighed in on these developments. In the meantime, loop this: