Though Blackish could have turned their 100th episode into a celebration of themselves, the ABC sitcom decided to pay tribute to a late legend.

The half-hour featured the Johnsons recreating Prince's most iconic moments after realizing that Jack and Diane didn't know who The Purple One is. It's the funkiest Very Special Episode ever and it all kicks off when Jack walks in on his family listening to "Let's Go Crazy" and asks "Who was that lady singing?"   

The family runs through spot-on tributes to "Kiss," "Erotic City," "Sign O' The Times," "Purple Rain" and "Sexy M.F." (which gets cut short due to language). 

Jack doesn't get it until he sees the girl he's pining over and it all clicks into place. 

Twitter freaked out over the homage to His Royal Badness. Though, given that it was one of the best shows on television taking on one of the greatest artists to ever live, maybe the enthusiasm was warranted. 

Check out a few of our favorites below: