Anthony Anderson is known for a lot of things, but opera singing is certainly not one of them. Yet when Jimmy Fallon prodded the Black-ish star about his singing chops, Anderson was more than ready to show off his Compton-trained vocals, with a little help from the Roots.

In the video above, Anderson entertains the late night crowd for a solid minute, singing in what is presumably Italian about lord knows what. Meanwhile, Questlove and the band provided him a stripped down trap beat to accompany, complete with ad libs and plenty of skrrts.


During the rest of his interview, Anderson opens up about his two kids and their higher education. His son is currently a freshman at his alma mater Howard, while his daughter turned down Anderson's offer of opening a Chick-fil-A location for her post-grad life. 

Though Anderson went to college at Howard, he never actually graduated. He ran out of money his junior year and later dropped out. But the actor spoke with the university to help him sort out a curriculum that will allow him to finish his degree and walk with his son during graduation in 2022. “I have four years to finish one year of college,” he told Fallon.

Check out that full clip below.