A poker-faced journalist, privileged with the access-all-areas to grime and UK rap’s most influential players, Amelia Dimoldenberg is currently sitting on 11 million views on YouTube. Launching her hilariously awkward Chicken Shop Date series in 2014, with grime superstar Ghetts in the hotseat at a Chicken Cottage in London, Amelia has now flirted her way through 25 guests on the show. From Big Narstie and Dave to Rae Sremmurd and Sean Paul, they’ve all been on the receiving end of the 23-year-old’s most cringe-worthy moments.

Placing herself candidly in the headlights of the industry’s most savage wordsmiths, posing the leading questions no person would ever want to ask, Amelia uses her subversive comedy to catch her poised subjects off-guard, revealing a less composed side to these well-known personalities. Fighting off the overwhelming urge to bond and befriend these epically cool artists and instead forcing the situation to become silent and uncomfortable, she is a unique influence in the world of music journalism. Regularly confronted with comments questioning her looks and ability in sexist and demeaning opinion boxes, Amelia’s conviction in her work is admirable and quite progressive. 

Brands are now falling over themselves to work with Amelia, such is the power of her influence. With her own brand of mockumentaries in the works for the likes of VICE and Channel 4, her passion for exploring culture trends and then challenging stereotypes is intelligent and highly informative. Check her IG, and sure there’s another selfie of a non-smiley girl, but read the caption, shift your focus and look for the very British humour in it.

We caught up with Amelia to discuss how she’s juggling her increasingly busy schedule.