To celebrate his 50th birthday on September 25, Will Smith plans to bungee jump out of a helicopter over the Grand Canyon.

The jump will be live streamed on his YouTube channel and Smith says he will invite one fan to come watch the whole thing go down in person. Partnering with Omaze, he launched the contest on Tuesday to raise funds for the Will & Jada Smith Family Foundation and Global Citizen in an effort to support the Education Cannot Wait initiative.

"Come, we'll hang, we'll have some lunch, take some pictures, and you can FaceTime your grandma," Smith says in an announcement video. "Oh, and I'll be bungee jumping out of a helicopter over the Grand Canyon, but you don't have to do that part."

Fans will be entered for a chance to win if they go to Omaze's website and donate $10 or more beginning Tuesday. The winner will be flown to the Grand Canyon to hang out with the whole Smith family, where they'll be able to take photos with the birthday boy and take advantage of his FaceTime promise.

"Let's have some fun and let's make the world a little bit brighter in the process," Smith tells fans at the end of the announcement.

In March, Smith was challenged by YouTube channel Yes Theory to do the jump for charity. He accepted the challenge but explained that he would have to wait until he was finished shooting a movie. "I don't wanna be in breach of my movie contract," Smith said in a response video. "I can't be jumping out no helicopter when I got a movie."

Now, the moment has finally almost arrived. If for some reason you have any doubts about how entertaining it will be to watch Will Smith bungee jump out of a helicopter, watch video of a much smaller jump from early 2017 below.