The Predators are back, and this time they're smarter and deadlier, and the final red-band trailer shows it as well.

Right at the start, Boyd Holbrook's character, Quinn McKenna is escorted out of a veteran's hospital in handcuffs. He's led to the "looney bus" with what's soon to be a rag-tag team tasked with taking down the extraterrestrials. This includes Trevante Rhodes' Nebraska Williams, Keegan-Michael Key's Coyle, and Alfie Allen's Lynch. Although the group doesn't believe McKenna had a "run-in with a space alien," they soon come to realize he's speaking the truth when the Predator arrives outside of their bus.

"It’s a leaner, meaner approach," The Predator's writer and director, Shane Black, told Variety. "Instead of the slick, ultracool super-soldier approach from the first film, these guys are a more broken, marginalized and forgotten contingent."

The film is noticeably more humorous as well, something Black acknowledged. "I tried to ground the light moments because nobody wants a jokey Predator," he said."But when you’re under fire, one of the basic defense mechanisms is to grit your teeth and make a joke. I took sort of a Butch-and-Sundance approach. In that movie, they got shot to pieces at the end, but they never stopped wising off."

The Predator, which also stars Boyd Holbrook,Jacob Tremblay, Olivia Munn, Sterling K. Brown, Thomas Jane, and Yvonne Strahovski, is slated to arrive in theaters on Sept. 14.