For night owls and fans of eccentric late-night television, The Late Late Show has been a great way to settle down every weeknight (or morning, technically) since it began in 1995. Following The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, James Corden hosts his own hour of late-night television, packed with creative games, deeply involved interviews, and the musical stylings of Reggie Watts that has led to many moments worthy of YouTube fame over the past three years.

Since taking over hosting duties from fellow brit Craig Ferguson in 2015, Corden has done a hell of a job spicing up The Late Late Show with successful comedy bits and parodies. While his success as a talk show host doesn’t translate into his award show hosting abilities, many of the segments he’s introduced to late-night have quickly become popular online, such as the gag-inducing “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts.” While watching celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Cher eat absolutely vile food instead of answer personal questions is entertaining, the most popular segment to come from Corden’s leadership on The Late Late Show is “Carpool Karaoke.”

Though the concept originated during a British charity special for Red Nose Day (featuring the late George Michael), “Carpool Karaoke” first premiered on The Late Late Show on Corden’s third night as the newly knighted host. Joined by pop queen Mariah Carey in his SUV, Corden joked that he needed to get to work quickly, but needed a passenger to use the carpool lane, before singing along to some of Carey’s hits in between miniscule interview segments. Before long, “Carpool Karaoke” became an online sensation and had fans around the world begging for appearances from their favorite musicians.

Corden has obliged and continued to please the masses, having an incredible range of artists and celebrities join him for his morning commute, and even creating a spin-off series that brings together other celebrity pairings for their own karaoke sessions. With three years worth of melodious car rides hosted by James, we thought it best to finally rank which “Carpool Karaokes” are most worth your time. In honor of James Corden's 40th birthday, here’s our list of the best “Carpool Karaoke” performances.