First things first, rest in peace Luigi.

The famed Super Mario character became a trending topic on Twitter after he died in the trailer for Nintendo's latest reveal about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

But his death wasn't in vain—it paved the way to show a new set of characters to join the brawl. This includes Castlevania's Simon Belmont and Richter Belmont, Donkey Kong's King K. Rool, and Metroid's Dark Samus.

There won't just be new characters in the upcoming Smash Bros. Players will also be able to play in a total of 103 stages, "morph" from one character to another mid-fight, or participate in a multiplayer tournament with up to 32 players which will automatically create a tournament bracket. There's also a brand new expansive training space.

As for the new modes in the game, Smash players will be able to choose between Smashdown, which stops players from choosing the same characters for each battle, and Classic, which is the original single-player campaign. There's also a Squad Strike battle mode for players to fight 5-on-5 or 3-on-3. If you dig the music (over 900 songs!), you can take it with you on the go as well.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is slated to arrive on the Nintendo Switch on Dec. 7. Catch the trailers above.