According to Deadline, Marlon Wayans has a new Netflix comedy coming down the pipeline, and you'll almost certainly be able to catch it next year should you (or some cool person you know who gives you access to their account) subscribe to the service.

That movie, which is set to begin production in September, is called Sextuplets, and will see Wayans play the role of Alan, who is attempting to meet his birth mom prior to the arrival of his own first child. Deadline goes on to say that Alan meets a brother of his (Russell) and learns that they are just two of six different simultaneously born siblings (again, Sextuplets), and thus they go out to find the rest of their brothers/sisters(?). The catch is that Wayans will play all six of those siblings. 

As for the cast, Wayans is one of three of the script's credited writers (along with Mike Glock and Rick Alvarez). The film will see Wayans pair up with Marlon star Bresha Webb, and will also see him work with director Michael Tiddes, who previously sat in that position for Wayans' other Netflix movie, Naked. In addition to that, the two also worked together on a trio of parodies that included: A Haunted House, A Haunted Houses 2, and Fifty Shades of Black.

Again, if all goes according to plan, you can see the fruits of their most recent labor in 2019.