One of this summer's biggest rumors is prospect of Idris Elba taking over the coveted role of James Bond and becoming the first black actor to do so. The 45-year old actor has shot down the rumors once again.

During a recent interview at the premiere of his directorial debut Yardie in London, Elba was asked about the likelihood of him replacing Daniel Craig as Bond in the future. The interviewer simply asked him, "Am I looking at the next 007?" Elba replied with a very straightforward "No," as he walked away. 

In theory, this could all be some elaborate ruse and the actor is simply building up suspense before an official announcement. However, the likely reality is that everyone should stop clamoring for him to take over the role. 

Earlier this month, a rep for James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli said that rumors of Elba being considered as the titular spy's next actor were "all made up stuff." The Wire alumnus has also expressed that he would like to see a female perform the role in the future and that he feels he is "too old" to be the secret agent.  

With Bond historically being played by white actors (including Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, and Craig), many feel that it is finally time for a black actor to take his place as the MI6 agent. While the British-born Elba seems like a perfect selection, only time will tell if fans will ever get their wish. 

In other Bond-related news, it was announced on Tuesday that Danny Boyle will no longer be directing the next film in the series.