For this week's episode of Open Late, Peter Rosenberg called on his friend Amber Rose, who welcomed Rosenberg and crew into her beautiful home to break down a number of topics.

Rosenberg noted that there are similarities between how Amber Rose and Cardi B came up through the industry, as they both worked at Sue's Rendezvous in Mount Vernon, New York and later became major figures in the entertainment industry. "Any woman especially that can come up the way that she did, and I did, and (Blac) Chyna," Rose said, "it's dope to see that. It's dope to see people embrace it. Because when I came out, they didn't embrace me very well."

Rose went on to explain she's "happy that I took the punches and I continued to flourish, so they really don't have to."

Later, Rosenberg and Rose spoke on her previous relationships. "I had to go see a therapist," she admitted, who told her she attracts "narcissistic sociopaths." Rose didn't name names, but did explain that while "we all had fucked up lives," that doesn't mean boyfriends (or anyone) should be controlling where they go, what they wear, and who they deal with.

After Rosenberg mentioned he's been in positions where he knew Rose was in a bad relationship or situation but didn't know how to help or handle it, Rose explained those experiences were "embarrassing" and said she hadn't realized until later that she was being abused. "I always felt like I was a strong woman." She said her therapist told her that abuse was equivalent to being "beat up every day." For those wondering, Rose shared that she's in a much better relationship now with Denver Nuggets guard Monté Morris.

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