Adrian Buitenhuis, the same director behind last year's I Am Heath Ledger, is reuniting with Paramount Network for another documentary about an actor who left us far too soon.

I Am Paul Walker, which dropped its first trailer Thursday, will feature exclusive interviews with an assortment of the late Fast and Furious franchise star's co-stars, friends, and family. "If you loved him the way we did, you would say, well, why him and not us?" Tyrese says in the two-minute first look at the latest entry in the I Am series. 

I Am Paul Walker, which also features contributions from Walker's siblings and directors Rob Cohen and Wayne Kramer, premieres Aug. 11 via Paramount.

This November will mark five years since Walker died in a single-vehicle crash in Santa Clarita. Last October, Walker's daughter Meadow Walker settled a wrongful death suit with Porsche after alleging that her father (who wasn't operating the vehicle at the time of the crash) survived the initial impact and only died because he was unable to get out of his seat belt before it caught fire. Per the Los Angeles Times, Meadow's attorney confirmed the suit was "resolved to the satisfaction of all involved."

Continuing the Fast and Furious franchise, co-star Vin Diesel told CinemaCon attendees last year, is an integral part of Walker's continued impact. "It was Paul Walker who promised eight," he said at the time. "It played over and over again in my brain. Part of Paul's legacy lives through every frame that we shoot."