Pick a person, any person. By Mike Epps' assessment, that person is funnier than Kevin Hart.

Epps and Hart, judging by some recent Instagram comments, appear to be very much back in a feud state of mind. First, Epps outlined his belief that "everyone" is funnier than Hart. Then, of course, Hart popped up to label Epps a "sad individual." According to Hart, he previously tried to set their differences aside to no avail:

Nick Cannon, in an attempt to calm the mood, hopped into the comments to remind Epps there's "enough of the white money" to ensure both comedians are taken care of. Epps wasn't buying it :


#NickCannon and #MikeEpps #SteppedIntoTheShadeRoom 😩

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A little over a year ago, Epps claimed to have nothing but love for Hart. In an Instagram clip shared at the time, the two were engaging in some form of fun. 

However, as far back as 2014, Epps has been publicly using words like "overrated" in reference to Hart. "In this business right here, guess what? Sometimes marketing can be bigger than talent," Epps said. "This business is not about being funny. This business is about being forced on people."

For their latest exchange, Epps ultimately conceded that Hart appeared to be a nice dude, though his humor, by Epps' estimation, is dead. "I still don't think yo ass funny," he said.