Without a doubt, one of our most anticipated movies for the summer of 2018 is Sorry to Bother You, which stars Lakeith Stanfield and Tessa Thompson and is written and directed by the legend Boots Riley in his debut film. Riley recently told us about making moves from an iconic musical artist to the director's chair, and in this new featurette on Sorry to Bother You, you get a much clearer picture on how he created the film.

From jump, Riley describes Sorry to Bother You as an "absurdist dark comedy with magical realism, inspired by the world of telemarketing." You could glean that much from the bizarre trailers that have already been released, but even that won't prepare you for the world Riley takes you down.

Riley says that due to his lack of ins with the Hollywood machine, coupled with his skill as a writer and MC (he's one part of legendary hip-hop group The Coup), motivated him to "make an album inspired by the screenplay," with the thought that this could drum up some support for the full-length, which Tessa Thompson says made her feel like "it's a new dawn, it's a new day" when she first received the script.

Throughout the above featurette, you not only get a sense of love for such a daring project, but also the respect that the actors had for Boots' vision. Check out that deeper look into Riley's work, and make sure you're in theaters on July 6 for Sorry to Bother You.