Donald Glover has been dreaming about his role as Lando Calrissian in Solo: A Star Wars Story for about as long as he can remember. As he explained to Jimmy Kimmel last week, his very first toy was a Lando action figure. Before the film was cast, he even told his agent, "If they're making a Han Solo movie, Lando's got to be in it, and I want to be Lando."

So, what was it like for Glover the first time he put on Lando's suit? During a Twitter Q&A on Saturday, he said, "It was really great. The cape was the best part because you're waiting for the cape the entire time. It was a really great feeling. And it looked so different but also the same as Lando always was." He added that the first time he tried it on was during the test for his audition.

During a press conference for the film on Saturday, Glover revealed that he wasn't able to bring any of Lando's capes home with him, but the crew did make one of them into a pillow for him. He says he still travels with it.

Elsewhere in the Twitter Q&A, Glover revealed that his favorite scene to shoot was in the cockpit.

Glover and co-star Phoebe Waller-Bridge also reminisced on constantly hugging Chewbacca while making the film. "You do it a lot," Glover said. "He smells so good because there's conditioner on him." He added, "He'll always hug you. He's never in a bad mood."

Solo: A Star Wars Story will finally hit theaters on May 25.