In a spectacular turn of events, the next entry in the Purge franchise has been revealed to be a family-friendly comedy directed by esteemed Hollywood auteur Mr. Guy Who Surely Got Tricked Into Directing Daddy's Home 2.

Just kidding, but there is a new trailer for The First Purge, complete with firsts and a purge.

The First Purge, of course, will be tucking into movie theater bed starting July 4. Gerard McMurray directed the prequel from a script by Purge creator James DeMonaco, with Y'Lan Noel and Marisa Tomei among the main cast.

The idea for a prequel has been brewing for years, at least according to DeMonaco. Citing his fears that the franchise could "easily" derail into being outright exploitative during a press run for The Purge: Election Year in 2016, DeMonaco confirmed talks were underway about either an "overseas Purge or a prequel." Now, here we are with a new one focused on the New Founding Fathers of America's very on-brand decision to try out the idea of an annual crime-a-thon.

Hopefully, we're all relatively on the same page as far as the overall meh vibes of Election Year and the almost-as-meh feel of Anarchy. This franchise is consistently frustrating, as it's never (not yet, anyway) quite matched the quality of the film with the brilliance of its premise. Perhaps First Purge can finally bring it all together. There's also a chance we’ll find that balance with the upcoming Purge TV adaptation.