If you're growing weary of Purge prescience in the wake of brainless Trumpism, you'll be thrilled to know it isn't about to stop anytime soon. Tuesday, Universal strategically dropped the first teaser for the next entry in the Purge franchise for a nation that was hopefully free to watch it immediately because they were completely ignoring Trump's State of the Union vomit.

The First Purge, the sophomore directorial effort by Gerard McMurray (2017's Burning Sands), is a prequel chronicling how the United States grew to embrace the idea of an annual purge. As anyone who saw 2016's The Purge: Election Year already knows, a prequel—for now, at least—was the only logical way forward for the franchise.

Our first look at McMurray's prequel takes the form of a Trump-esque TV ad urging viewers to give purging a try in order to ensure greatness for a country that was never all that great to begin with, using the same empty catchphrase stylings that the failed steak salesman himself is still readily employing to this day. James DeMonaco, who kicked off the blockbuster franchise way back in 2013 with The Purge, penned the script. Marisa Tomei, Lex Scott Davis, Y'Lan Noel, Luna Lauren Velez, and Joivan Wade star.


DeMonaco hinted at the direction of The First Purge during the promo blitz surrounding Election Year, which ultimately bagged $118 million worldwide. "We fear with The Purge is that it could easily go off the rails and become exploitative," DeMonaco told Fandango in 2016. "There has been talk about an overseas Purge or a prequel, which was my idea, so we can show the inception of how this all began."

One wonders where, exactly, the franchise can go after The First Purge. Perhaps it's time for Purge: The Musical?