Jim Starlin, the Marvel artist/writer who originally co-created Avengers: Infinity War's main antagonist Thanos, still does not appear to care for his ex-employer. Starlin had previously taken to social media to air out some of his issues with Marvel back in 2014, and had an apparently more serious falling out with the company in December 2017.

Vulture recently talked to Starlin about his extended career with Marvel and Thanos, who made his comic debut in 1973. It sounds like the artist is done with them, for good this time (this is the sixth time he's quit).

"I'm not working for them anymore and this time, I think that it's for good," he said. As pointed out by Gamespot, Starlin's issues seemed to revolve around Marvel going in a different direction with his character and his irritation at the fact that a pair of Thanos comic projects were in the works (one of which he was working on) with identical plots.

Of course, if you hate the Marvel Universe, then I imagine the past decade of movie ads has been rough on you. However, Starlin made it clear that while he's annoyed with the comic wing of Marvel, the same is not true of his relationship with their film department. On Monday, Starlin wrote about his anticipation for the premiere of the upcoming mega-blockbuster on his Facebook page.

Then he saw the newest movie and his review was quite glowing, especially when it came to Josh Brolin's portrayal of his main character.

"There are a couple times my chest constricted from what I was seeing, making me want to cry," he said on Facebook. "You’ll recognize those instances when you watch the film. Brolin is an incredible Thanos, moving and emoting just as I tried to portray him in the comics."

He also gave the movie "ten out of ten thumbs up," which makes it sound like he has some truly fucked-up hands. Regardless, it's pretty in line with what a lot of other people are saying.