A new meme puts the soon-to-be betrothed Prince Harry in a very relatable light. Ever been talking to your friend in a club when your favorite song comes on? There’s nothing one can do in that moment except drop the conversation and run to the dance floor. That's the premise of this new hilarious meme starring the young royal.

The original video comes from a January 2013 interview with CNN while Harry was in Afghanistan serving in the military. He abruptly cuts the interview short and runs off to join a mission with his fellow soldiers. At the time, he was deployed as an Apache helicopter gunner with the British Army.

People on Twitter repurposed the clip and added music to imagine Harry inside a club rather than on a military base—hence the meme is dubbed “in the club.” In this context, Harry runs off appropriately whenever a DJ starts playing a certified bop.

Like Beyoncé’s “Formation.”

Or Ariana Grande’s club hit “Into You.”

Someone even combined two hot internet moments and had Harry running to the yodeling Walmart boy.

My personal favorite is this clip featuring Daddy Yankee’s “Gasolina.”

Next month, Harry ties the knot with American actress Meghan Markle. Consider this fun little meme an early wedding present to the happy royal couple.