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Last night saw the world premiere of Avengers: Infinity War and one of the film's stars, Winston Duke, hit the red carpet and spoke to Variety about how his character's funny quip about being a vegetarian in Black Panther has taken on a hilarious life of its own.

In Black Panther, Duke's character M'Baku assures CIA agent Ross, played by Martin Freeman, that he won't be fed to his children since they enjoy a more plant-based diet. "I think there's a spoof show called M'Baku's Vegetarian Cooking Corner [...] Love it. It's hilarious." he explained in the clip. "There are some African-American outlets that cooked some vegan meals for M'Baku. That was really great. That was really funny." While all the co-signs from vegetarians might be great, he sees the whole conversation as having an even bigger and better purpose."To be honest, it's kind of teaching kids that eating vegetables is cool, which I'm all for."

#BlackPanther star @Winston_Duke talks becoming a vegetarian icon as M'Baku

— Variety (@Variety) April 24, 2018

Black Panther was an incredible success, pulling in millions and breaking records in the process and Duke's reprisal of his role in Avengers: Infinity War might take him to the top of the box office for the second time this year. According to Variety, Avengers is projected to pull in between $190 million and $235 million, which could place it in the number one spot for best opening weekends of all time.