Most good memes pop up out of nowhere, adding hilarious context to almost any caption and sometimes ruining our childhoods in the process. The most recent in the Spongebob Squarepants meme family is Savage Patrick, which now sits alongside 'mocking Spongebob' and 'confused Mr. Krabs'.

Ah yes, sweet and innocent Patrick Star is being used for the sole purpose of expressing Twitter's worst thoughts. Primarily, you use the Savage Patrick closeup, or one of its many photoshopped variants, along with a caption meant to convey, well, savage behavior. This can range from the everyday stuff that we all do on the low to some pretty hardcore, and oddly specific, things too.

But where exactly did it come from? According to Know Your Memethe image is a screen grab from a season one episode of Spongebob, with Patrick chasing down Spongebob to be his friend again. Finally catching up to him, his "evil" face appears, but it's way less messed up than the eventual memes and captions would be. The earliest known use of the image might be this one.

It has since spread across Twitter over the last few days and will probably end up on Facebook in another two weeks.

Even Cardi B got in on the fun.


Like every great meme before it, it will inevitably reach a fever pitch before dying a dramatic social media death. Here's a premature Goodbye to Savage Patrick. We hardly knew you.