Netflix is officially bringing back Black Mirror for a fifth season, according to Deadline. The streaming company has ordered another season of Charlie Brooker’s popular sci-fi series, which explores humanity’s dark relationship with technology.

There’s no word on when the new season will release or how many episodes it will include, but chances are it’ll follow in the footsteps of previous seasons by employing a host of different actors for half a dozen episodes with a variety of different storylines. This will be Netflix’s third time hosting the series, which first aired on the British television station Channel 4.

Netflix wrapped up a stressful 2017 with Black Mirror's fourth season. The show brought in some big stars, including Black Panther’s Letitia Wright and Chewing Gum’s Michaela Coel. It also featured an episode titled “Arkangel” directed by Hollywood legend Jodie Foster.

The show posted a video teaser to Twitter that includes clips of previous episodes, announcing its return to Netflix with the promise, "The future will be brighter than ever." Some theories have claimed that every episode of Black Mirror, though they follow completely different storylines with different characters, could be part of the same universe. Perhaps season 5 could speak to that theory, after leaving viewers with "Black Museum" at the end of season 4, and find a way to intertwine the foreboding stories in a way that the series has never done before.