Letitia Wright and Daniel Kaluuya are some of the biggest British actors making waves stateside, and their spotlight is about to come even brighter with the forthcoming wide release of Black Panther. The two actors recently came together for a joint BuzzFeed interview where they discussed the significance of the anticipated film.

For one, they pointed out that Black Panther means so much more than just being a "black film." "I’m not worried. It’s pretty much something that's new. It's pretty much a predominantly black cast, black director, set in Africa," Wright said when asked if they are worried people will label it as such. "That's not a worry, but if you just take it as just that, then that’s closed-minded. Yes, its centered around an African king, but the themes are so universal to everybody and you can relate."

Kaluuya added, "Yeah, it’s a black, good film. If people see it as a 'black film' it says more about them than us. We’re just trying to tell a good story…You wouldn't see another film and say it’s a 'white film.'"

The two actors also starred in Netflix's Black Mirror, so of course the fan favorite series was brought up. Wright, who gave a brilliant performance in season 4's "Black Museum," called season 3's "Nosedive" her favorite episode "because it’s so real to what we are doing today." "Everyone is just out for ratings and likes. Like, the one of the girl and she has her phone, and if you like something and she’ll like it," she continued. "If they don't like you enough it goes down and you can’t even get a car or a mortgage or nothing. It’s sad."

As for Kaluuya? The actor, who appeared in season 1's "Fifteen Million Merits," chose season 3's "Playtest."  "It was about fear. He feared his mum and and it was so deep," he explained. "And all of his fears were a manifestation of not picking up his mother's calls."

The two actors' careers have been flourishing lately, with Kaluuya scoring a Best Actor Oscar nomination for his lead role in Get Out and Wright starring in upcoming movies Ready Player One and Avengers: Infinity War. But before then, you can catch them onscreen when Black Panther (which just broke the 2018 U.K. box office record for most tickets sold in a day) hits theaters this weekend.

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