9-year-old actor Jackson Robert Scott landed a role of a lifetime last year when he appeared in the cultural phenomenon that was It, and from the sounds of things he's just getting started. Starring in the film as Georgie Denbrough, Scott gave a standout performance in the haunting Stephen King adaption, which is set to get a sequel following the characters of the first film 30 years in the future as adult.

Deadline reports that Scott is set to join the cast of director Nicholas McCarthy's upcoming horror film. The movie doesn't have a title yet, but he'll be starring opposite Taylor Schilling of Orange is the New Black fame. Previously titled Descendant, the untitled film is being written by Jeff Buhler, and production is expected to start as early as this month. The movie will star Schilling as a mother who is concerned about her son, portrayed by Scott, who has been acting different.

This isn't the only project on the horizon for the young actor. He's also set to reunite with It director Andy Muschietti as the lead in Hulu's new horror series Locke & Key. He's also expected to reprise his role in the forthcoming It sequel, which is set for release late next year.