Comedian and director Jordan Peele is still getting tons of love for his hit social thriller Get Out, which is up for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. Ironically, he's been feeling a little like the main character/victim in certain moments where he's being complimented on the film.

For some reason, people love to tell him how many times they've seen Get Out...especially when he happens to be the only Black person in the room. "[T]here’s an extra awareness of how people approach me," he told Los Angeles Times. "Like, ''is this a ‘Get Out’ moment?' It’s kind of fun to watch people squirm."

That scenario became even more common during awards season: "I feel like in some small way, because of the response to the film, people are aware of that experience of what it feels like of being the only 'other' in a space and, maybe, how the first thing you say to the 'other' shouldn’t be in regard to their otherness."

Awkwardness aside, Peele does love that fans of the film have enjoyed dissecting its meaning and the characters. He admitted that he'd love to do more with Get Out's universe, but there must be a purpose. "The key for me is that it just has to be moving the ball forward," he said. "What’s the movie saying? What’s it exploring? It can’t be the same thing."