The wrongful death lawsuit lodged against Jim Carrey by his dead girlfriend’s family has been dismissed. E! News reported Carrey won’t face trial for Cathriona White’s suicide.

In Sept. 2015, White passed away from a fatal overdose. White and Carrey allegedly ended their relationship just five days before her body was found, with a suicide note addressed to Carrey. Later, it was also discovered that White’s biological mother purportedly sent a "hateful" message to White. A year after White passed, her mother and estranged husband claimed  Carrey unlawfully acquired prescription drugs for White.

"The case and all claims against Jim Carrey have been dismissed," Carrey’s publicist told E! News. "He is extremely grateful to everyone in his life who supported him throughout this challenging episode."

White’s family’s attorney added, "Mr. Burton and Ms. Sweetman are pleased the case has been resolved. They appreciate the support they have received worldwide."

In Oct. 2015, shortly after White committed suicide, authorities found prescription pills located in her house under Carrey's alias. About a year later, in Sept. 2016, White’s husband and mother sued Carrey for supposedly providing her with "highly addictive" drugs and filed a wrongful death suit in Los Angeles. Last June, there was a high chance that Carrey would go to trial: the Los Angeles Superior Court judge whom the case was brought to stated she would not throw the lawsuit out. Now, almost a year and a half after the case was filed, Carrey has finally found some closure in the case.